Discover student
referral program

CCU is excited to introduce the Student Referral Program. We encourage all students, current and past, to share your pride in being part of the CCU family by participating in our Student Referral Program. Support CCU by sharing your story with a friend, co-worker or family member who might be interested in one of our programs. Just refer a student through the CCU Student Referral Program and be rewarded for it when they enroll!

Who should be referred?

Refer your children at CCU to climb their career ladder faster and help them to graduate loan free.

Refer your relatives to CCU and help them achieve their educational goals.

Grew up together with siblings? Now progress in educational and professional lives together by referring them at CCU.

Family friends
Referring to family friends at CCU will make your relationship stronger with them. Refer them here and let them succeed just like you.

You can refer your acquitance at CCU in order to encourage them to take initial steps towards a progressive career.

High School Senior
Refer your high school senior at CCU and let’s get graduate together

Academic Star
Do you know any academic star who is unable to take admission in university because of financial issues? Refer them to CCU and relieve their financial stress.

Refer an athlete here and let them goal in an educational field with CCU.

What question will be asked after your referral?

No strict questions from the referrer will be asked by the CCU. The concerned department will simply ask referrer about his/her relationship with the referree. Your referral will allow us to introduce new students to international faculty, meaningful relationships, leadership and a world of new possibilities.

Have you been referred?

If you get qualified for the student referral program, you will receive an official email from CCU and the designated advisor will contact you for further assistance. The concerned committee takes 6 or more months to complete selection process.

What's next?