Research work at CCU

CCU is excessively keen to maintain its research work’s reputation and the pillars of research work are based on its highly qualified faculty who had practiced in their specialized field and nursing student's minds with it. Students and faculty are constantly working on bringing positive change into society through their observation, data collection and making their contribution by providing effective solutions for the problems.

Progressive research work for creating impact

Pioneering solutions

Last year, CCU researchers made a great impact in the times of this widespread uncertainty and pandemic crisis. Our researchers profound work and results provided pioneer solutions to ongoing issues stretching from COVID-19 to global climate crisis, From unwanted racism to antibiotic resistance, and much more.

Research resources

At CCU, our researchers are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, support services and research environments that best accommodate their needs to conduct successful research.

Innovative links

CCU researchers are well connected and collaborative, with over 6,000+ international partners and over 200 international research agreements.

Experts at hand

Our expert faculty panel is continuously helping students who are engaged in research and providing them with their profound experience throughout their tenure.

Research areas

From the origin of the university, CCU is committed to conducting World and professional researches and promising to follow it. Our main areas of researches are:

Latest researches

Why is COVID-19 life threatening for some, while others show no symptoms?
With the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic still holding the world in its grip, identifying how our immune system responds to the virus is critical to understanding the unknowns surrounding COVID-19.
The effect Of Covid-19
On Job Markets
World is going through serious crisis amid this global pandemic of Covid-19.
How can we envision, explore & realise possible futures?
Design research can help develop deep understandings of problems and suggest creative ideas and innovative solutions in response. CCU’s research helps this process in two ways. We develop and study new and innovative design practices, and we then apply these to real world problems.
We are working with partners across the globe to understand how to save lives at risk from poor air quality. CCU is forging international and interdisciplinary partnerships to help meet the global challenge of air pollution, in order to control emissions and reduce public-health impacts.
How can digital technology make cities more liveable?
CCU encourages its students to work in the field of digitalisation. The intelligent use of data has the potential to revolutionise how we live our lives, do our work and socialise, built environment easier to manage, more efficient to run and more tailored to the needs of pople around.
What technology will be heating your home & driving your car in 20 years?
Our cities and towns are growing and becoming more & more sophisticated. Behind this is greater demand for new more efficient technologies for generation and distribution of electricity, new materials with surprising properties and new types of vehicles.

Further information

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Variety of ways available to connect with and engage with our previous and ongoing research work

CCU research institutions
California Center University has recently introduced its research institutions and sharing a wide range of researches with students and alumni.

CCU’s researches are bringing meaningful change into society and making their valuable contribution towards the betterment of the world.

CCU believes in diversity and doing research work in a diversified field. Each research work is derived with excellence and renowned for its results.

Research team
California Center University has a separate research team that observes the data of the research according to the topic given by the professional faculty. All the researches of CCU have been conducted by the faculty according to their specialized fields and they are not just being appreciated by CCU but get numerous facilities for keeping the quality and effective researches.

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