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The field of education is constantly evolving therefore in order to successfully navigate the developments to succeed one has to keep up with the trends. CCU Online learning programs provides you an online platform which enables you to earn your degrees at your own study-pace. You can choose your flexible study hours and balance your academic and professional life. We offer a complete range of degree programs starting from Bachelor’s, to Master’s, and Doctoral levels. Whether you're embarking on an entirely new career path or you're looking to build upon your current skillset with continuing education, you’ll be equipped with all the necessary support and resources.

Reasons to study online

CCU provides flexible learning hours. Choose your study hours as per your feasibility.

CCU provides financial aid assistance to its student so they can pay off their fees at ease.

Focused study
Our advanced and focused curriculums help you to learn relevant market knowledge.

Employment opportunities
CCU’s career center provides numerous opportunities to ensure correct placements.

24/7 support
CCU is a virtual institution and our representatives are here to assist you 24/7.

No Deadline
There are no hard and fast deadlines for you to apply at CCU. We enroll students throughout the year.

Services and resources
for online students

Learning support

Students are equipped with all learning support at CCU.

Library Support

Students have access to online libraries.

General support services

24/7 online assistance is available.

Discover the virtual
learning real-time
connection in a
digital era

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