• Addressing the Confounding Upsurge in Student Loans and Debt Crisis

Over the past few years the fee structures of higher education in public sectors have significantly shown a minimum of three to four times rise, and on private sectors have almost doubled. It has been observed, that almost 50% of the students are forced to take loans to pay the tuition fees. The student loan is one of the most popular options for borrowing funds to continue studies.

CCU is offering scholarships for deserving international students
Financial constraints can prove to be a setback for the students, the pressure of studying alongside paying the debts that too on time can demotivate the student.
Develop a modern business skillset by pursuing your online master’s degree as a working professional

It has been observed by the researchers that there is a significant rise in the inclination towards online education over the past 5 years.
CCU ranked in the top 10 for median salaries earning alumni
CCU considers its prime responsibility to help students explore and polish their skills, to help them land a good job at the start of their career.


  • Virtual Crafternoons

  • 05 Jan, 2021

Crafternoons, is an afternoon craft program geared towards adults aged 16 and older through creative, hands-on projects. The program is free and provides opportunities for participants, to develop a range of artistic techniques and explore their talent.As many of us spending much more time in our homes due to Covid pandemic, CCU has initiated a hosting virtual Crafternoon event.

CCU has recently organized a virtual marathon event for its students to promote the idea of a healthy lifestyle. In this event students were asked to wear their smart watches and run.
As the world is already going through a serious crisis of Covid-19 pandemic, CCU acknowledges the importance of mental health.
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