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CCU is dedicated in providing accessible yet affordable education to all. Here, each student will be facilitated with multiple scholarship programs to move towards a successful career. These programs will be provided to the most desirable and exceptionally talented students who hold an impressive background in their academic history.

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Analyzing the requirement for financial aid programs, all students are eligible for it irrespective of their nationalities. CCU doesn’t bounds you for applying in any one scholarship at a time, if you are eligible you can apply for multiple scholarships at a time. Applicant’s academic record must be falling in the eligibility criteria of California Center University.

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Applicant must be meeting one of the four eligibility criteria’s financial aid program and must be enrolled in the program at CCU. If you are engaged in community services and extra-curricular activities along with an impressive previous record in former and current education, you will qualify for the required financial aid program.

Winner of Women Empowerment Scholarship

“I chose CCU because it was offering a good curriculum in Business Development for their graduate program. I developed my strength by opting for a major that is directly associated with the current profession and job description I was working for. Their degree program facilitated me in growing on the job as well as in academia hence I can say that CCU is providing for a two-way advancement in one go.

  • Laura Hill
  • Alumni
  • Psychology Grad'19

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