World has been struck with a serious crisis since the start of 2020. The pandemic situation of Covid-19 has effected each and every aspect of lives drastically. CCU has also introduced a shift in their policies to adapt to the alterations the world is on.

Feeling sick?

Feeling unwell or sick with a fever, sore throat or experiencing other symptoms of respiratory infection?

Stay at home for taking good care of yourself

Continue to consume healthy foods

Do not attend social gatherings going outside unnecessarily

Wash your hands in every hour and use hand sanitizer

What you need to do
Stay at home if feeling sick

Get yourself tested if you are feeling strong symptoms of infection

Wash your hands and take healthy food

What we’ll do
CCU is educating students to take precautionary measures

Keep yourself sanitized when you're outside of the house

An extra session will be given in each class on Covid-19

Stay up to date
Updates will be sent via emails on daily basis

Get up to date with the CCU news

Inform others as well

Covid-19 student support

We understand the difficult time we are all stuck in because of this global pandemic Covid-19. CCU has initiated the “Covid-19 Student Support Scholarship Program” to all those who suffered from job losses due to the ongoing crisis. We firmly believe that in this difficult time we all should work together in lifting each other up and extend our support to each other. CCU gives you leverage in your tuition fee, and you can continue to pursue your education stress-free even in these difficult times.

What's next?