• 21 Dec 2020

CCU aims to provide quality education to the international students from any part of the world by cutting down maximum possible financial barriers. Here, we fully ensure that our international students are funded through scholarships and other funding programs. Our students are our assets and we take care of their financial needs at all times. As per the policy, CCU plans to reserve approximately $9 million for the scholarships and other financial support programs that will be given to international students this year

CCU is offering scholarship programs to undergraduate and graduate international students to carve ways of success for them in the future by providing them career opportunities in all fields. CCU feels obliged to help its students in job placements after graduation. So not just scholarships but ensuring that after graduation our students are placed in well-reputed organizations, CCU makes efforts for everything.

Scholarship programs are designed in a very comprehensive style so students face no hindrance in their education. With the vision of fulfilling the dreams of international students to study, CCU sets a benchmark for all other distance education universities by providing handsome scholarships.

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