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CCU values and appreciates its students and considering their passion for making their future brighter and progressive than ever. CCU formed an alumni association with the help of alumni and building strong networks with multiple employers in order to provide employment security to its students.

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Join us and be engaged with different scholarship programs and other beneficial value-adding services too. Engagement with us will provide you the experience to be engaged with the current events of the world.

Be an entrepreneur
It's okay if you don’t want to follow the cliché routine of a 9 to 5 job. CCU supports its students to become an entrepreneur and for an initial startup you will get help through aid and respective faculty members will help you to build a foundation for your startup.

Stay informed
stay informed on a daily basis with the e-newsletter of CCU which includes all the latest happenings and updates of the university. You don’t need to wait for a print newsletter because everything at CCU is digital for the digital era.

Stay connected
Stay connected on the assigned portal. CCU’s advisers are 24/7 available for your assistance and for further queries give us a call on a toll-free number and get your queries resolved in a flash.

Alumni success stories

I have done masters in Business & Management from California Center University. Before getting enrolled in this program I was working for a leading multinational company where I was seeking career growth. Despite having all the required skillset the only thing I lacked was a master’s degree. The online flexible learning hours at CCU helped me seek what I was long chasing for.

August Taylor
Masters in Business & Management
Class of 2016

I have done my bachelor's in applied arts from CCU. All of my mentors and professors in CCU were generous and supported me in difficult times. In addition, the courses taught in CCU were designed in such a way that made the learning easy and understandable. Now I plan to get enrolled in the master’s program from the same university.

Albert Paul
Bachelor's in Applied Arts
Class of 2019

I did my bachelor's in education from CCU. Throughout my study, I found CCU’s faculty members have both a depth and breadth of knowledge in the discipline and be able to communicate this knowledge effectively to the students. Currently, I’m a professor at CCU, and the same knowledge I’m trying to cultivate amongst my students as I pursue my career here in teaching.

Patricia C. Nord
Bachelor's in Education
Class of 2019

I always dreamt of studying in a foreign university that is highly accredited and globally recognized. With that in mind, when the time came to apply to university I sought universities with an international reputation and CCU was one of them. Today, CCU has a lion's share in the job market across the globe and within a month I landed up with a managerial position job in the world’s leading IT company.

Gilbert McKay
Ph.D. in Computer Sciences
Class of 2020

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Alumni testimonial

I chose CCU not just for the degree but for the set of skills they provide with hands-on professional working experience. CCU gave me plenty of chances to dig in data to discover uncovered areas for researches and bring out revolutionary results with solutions. With this habit of finding out more, I never had to search for jobs and got my dream job in a multinational firm before the completion of my degree.

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