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Get enrolled in CCU and explore the unmatched opportunities we offer in our diverse field of education. CCU’s prime focus is to produce future leaders who are objective-focused, enthusiasts, and ambitious, paving their career path in the finest way. Apply now and get enrolled in the program of your interest right away.

A four-step admission guide

Basic Information Requirement

Fill out the basic requirements asked in the application form available online on our website. Ensure you provide all the relevant information that is needed.

Program Selection & Financial Review

Let us know which programs are you interested in. Browse the list of majors offered and choose your desired subject.

Pay For The Program

Pay the tuition fees online and get started with your chosen online education program. Start your journey today by accessing our newly designed online student portal.

Admission Confirmation

You will be notified through an email about your admission confirmation. The confirmation email will guide you about further steps.

General Admission Requirements
All applicants for admission to the University must satisfy the following criteria:

Your formal academic qualifications and results

  • You must complete an Enrollment Agreement and all required documents and submit monies as outlined on the Tuition and Fees Schedule.
  • You may be required to complete an informational interview.
  • You must complete financial arrangements prior to starting class. If applicable, financial aid applications must be completed.
  • All applicants to the University must demonstrate proficiency in English as all courses are taught in English language.
  • You will not be fully admitted to your program until all documents required for admission are received and approved.
Minimum Age Requirement
You must be 17 years old to be eligible for entry into any Higher Education course. We may consider exceptions in some circumstances and will take into account your academic record and availability of appropriate support.
Access to Internet
All programs will be taught online therefore, students must have regular access to an internet-connected computer capable of communicating with our online systems.
English Language Requirements
CCU is a global university where students are enrolled from across the globe. Not just students, we have a global network of faculty as well. To make communication smooth amongst all we expect our students to have a basic grip on the English Language. This skill will help students understand their lectures easily. CCU also offers English language courses for students who face difficulty in understanding English. You can enroll yourself in our English language program and get fluency in the language.
International College or University
If you are attending or have attended a recognized university or college outside of the United States of America, you will be considered for admission based on your post-secondary studies. Your complete academic profile will be reviewed and your most recent annual average will be considered. You are required to submit documents that are required for the respective program you are applying for. Your documents and your admission application will then be reviewed by the admissions committee. If you have studied at an accredited institute, you will then be eligible for admission at CCU. Successful applicants are admitted to a program area. Admission to a specific program is determined by the Faculty/Department once transfer credits have been assessed, and will depend on whether or not program prerequisites and grade requirements have been met.

Need more clarification?

We understand that the application processes are confusing and time consuming. If there is anything that you're unsure if, or if you are looking for some advice regarding entry requirements, we have a team of friendly and knowledgable students' support team to guide you!
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